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Team Texas

Team Texas

JV High School

2022-2023 Registration

If you are interested in playing on the 2022-2023 JV Team, please fill out this quick form and a coach will reach out to you.

We continue to build and improve to provide all TAHA girls the opportunity to develop, create their own PATH, connect, play with girls from other cities and progress in a way that fits each player and encourages them to DARE TO DREAM. It’s a way to collaborate and engage in a defined process to ensure that each participant’s path will yield her desired result.

We will communicate via email. If you are not receiving our emails, please sign up with the following link and we will add you to the distribution list. 

Click here to signup for our email distribution list


Q. How much is this going to cost?
A. We are working diligently with partners and sponsors to keep the program cost low. We are aiming for $200 per tournament and $125 per Celebration Weekend. 

Q. What if this conflicts with my home team program?
A. We are working with the hockey community to select dates that will minimize conflicts. It is a priority for us to not disrupt other communities programming. We hope that our communities can work to be “Stronger Together” as we anticipate full support from the home programs.

Q. Will teams stay in the same hotel when traveling?
A. Yes. A lot of the value from Team Texas will be in the team bonding that will occur off the ice. Staying at the same hotel as a team will help form life-long relationships.

Q. Will each team have a team manager?
A. Yes. Please reach out to your local Team Texas Startup Advocate if you want to volunteer.

Q. If I’m playing on my home travel team, can I still play for Team Texas?
A. Yes, Team Texas is designed to enhance your girl’s hockey experience. It is NOT meant to replace anything you are currently doing in your local program.

Q. What age groups will be included?
A. U10, U12, U14, U16/U19.  

Q. What level will we play in tournaments?
A. We will pick the appropriate level once the teams are formed. Most likely Tier 2.

Q. Who will be coaching the teams?
A. We are currently working on this; coaches will be announced along with the team selection. 

Q. How do I get more involved?
A. Please reach out to your local Team Texas Startup Advocate if you want to volunteer.

Q. Will there be any practices?
A. Full tournaments and celebration events are posted on the website.   

Q. Will coaches collaborate with my hometown coaches?
A. Yes, the coaches will be available to work with your hometown coaches. In addition, we will have a team concepts/system books we will build for the girls.

Q. Who should attend the Team Texas Girls Celebration Weekend?
A. All girls playing hockey in TAHA from U10-U19. This includes girls playing boys travel, girls travel, or house/rec.

Q. What is Team Texas?
A. Team Texas will give TAHA girls the opportunity to develop in their home city, but also connect and play with similarly skilled girls from other cities. It’s a way to connect, collaborate and be a part of something big. It is also a way for each girl to follow her own path.

Q. What organization is Team Texas affiliated with?
A. TAHA and the Stars Elite

Q. What if my daughter plays on a boy’s travel team, or house team, can she still play Team Texas?
A. Yes

Q. What if my daughter plays on an all-girls team, can she play for Team Texas?
A. Yes

Q. What skill level is required to play for Team Texas?
A. We would like to see a minimum of 2 years of hockey experience, but exceptions will be made. 

Q. My daughter prefers to play on boys’ teams. What are the benefits of Team Texas?
A. If your daughter continues to play hockey, she will eventually play all girls. It is important to introduce your daughter to girl’s hockey at an early age, so it is an easier transition to the girl’s hockey community when she is ready.

Q. Will playing for Team Texas provide my daughter an opportunity to play at the next level?
A. Yes, we will give your daughter exposure to all sorts of opportunities within TAHA and beyond – all the way to college.

Q. Can my daughter play outside of her age group with Team Texas?
A. That will be a decision made by the coaches on a case by case basis.