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To watch the girls at practice the first day and then to watch them in january was just amazing. Everything is better, skating, passing, shooting and overall game knowledge. Its just fun and amazing to see. The coaching and ice time is just amazing. The girls understand the game better and to watch them grow as a player and a team is really fun to watch.JOHN H.

Having the opportunity for my daughter to play on an all-girls team in Dallas was wonderful, she developed strong friendships on the team, and the support from the other girls teams was an added bonus. My daughter has also developed more as a hockey player with the additional on-ice practice opportunities. - WHITNEY H.

What an amazing experience for these girls. I was truly impressed with how much ice time the girls had available to them and how well the coaches worked with them. The result is that every girl on the team has made great strides, both in their hockey skills and in their confidence. Watching them gain confidence in themselves and
in each other was very moving. My athlete started the season a little reluctant to handle the puck and has grown to a player confident enough to want the puck on her stick when the game is on the line.BILL Z.

This development program is worth every penny! The quality of coaching and ice time is more than I expected...My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed playing with these girls...You will not regret it! - MISAMI


2019-2020 14U Tier 1 & 2

My daughter has been a part of the DSE family for 2 years on the 14U Tier 2 team. Each year she’s been coached by coaches who take the time to learn what makes each girl develop and takes the time to focus on what each girl needs in their development providing her with the opportunity to grow and learn. Not only does DSE provide an excellent foundation and coaching for the sport she loves but also teach them what being a teammate is about and learning some life lessons along the way. My daughters love for the game has surpassed what we ever expected and that's due to the confidence she gained by playing at DSE.DARREN P.   |   Tier 2.

Our daughter came to the program two years ago after realizing that she wasn’t meshing on her team as the only girl. Stepping through the door, and seeing this great group of girls thriving in the sport they love was all it took. The opportunity to form bonds with girls and develop with excellent coaching and facilities has helped grow her skill and love for the sport that she would have lost had she stayed in the boys/mixed league. - ROB B.   |   Tier 2

Hands down a huge ROI from a hockey skill development perspective. The coaching is fantastic and the girls have a blast on and off the ice with their teammates.KATIE O.   |   Tier 2

Dallas stars elite girls hockey has clearly established itself as one of the premier development programs in the USA based on the performance of the girls teams at tournaments. Its coaches and instructional tools have been outstanding re player development. - Dr. WAYNE GEAREY, PhD, FRGS   |   Tier 2

Madalyn Liles is proud to be a part of the Dallas Stars Elite Girls Organization. Over the past 4 seasons, she has been continually challenged by the elite coaches both on and off the ice. The benefits of playing with an elite all-girls hockey team and the long-lasting friendships she has developed in the organization are invaluable. This opportunity has given Madalyn the experience of playing with girls of all levels even including teams in out-of-state tournaments. DSEG continues to support her to excel in the program and in her daily life. - CHRISTINA L.   |   Tier 1


2019-2020 17U Tier 1

I’ve grown up dedicated to my development as a hockey player and looked towards playing elite for my physique benefits, but what came out of this program was far greater. I’ve formed a family bond with each and every girl in our program and get the chance to end each night with the pursuit of happiness. This program is more than just for hockey development, it’s post practice food runs and long weekend sleepovers. It’s working as hard as we can for more than just ourselves, but for each other, it’s a winning mentality that each and every girl is hungry for. A big part of this programs success is the never ending work our coaches put in. Every single coach I’ve had within this program has put their all into each individuals development and shown so much sacrifice towards getting to practices, tournaments, and making sure we are well rounded physically and mentally. This program is a foundation of my life and that’s why I choose to play there time and time again.VICTORIA GRIFFIN, #28

I am on my 4th season with the Dallas Stars Elite Girls program and have really fallen in love with the fundamentals of it. We are on the ice 4-5 days a week as a team, have top notch dryland facilities, and coaches who really care about our development and future. Every time I come to the rink, I am surrounded by a positive environment with coaches and teammates who support everyone’s different hockey abilities and overall passion for the game. It’s a great program, and something I’ve been very lucky to be apart of. - ELLIE WARHOFTIG, #3

The Dallas Stars Elite has helped me become the player and person I’ve strived to be. The dedication from all my coaches is unlike any other, they truly care. I’ve built relationships with everyone that will truly last a lifetime, I’ve made more memories then I count and will never forget a single one. The winning culture and tier one mentality is what makes the elite experience what it is. Being in Texas you wouldn’t expect to have such a great hockey program with plenty of ice time, but I owe all the individuals in this program to helping me reach my goal of getting to play NCAA hockey in college.ELIZABETH SPOON, #55


2019-2020 19U Tier 1

There isn’t a single thing I would change about my experiences with the Elite program. The people treat one another with respect and genuinely care about each other’s well being, which is rare. I truly believe that Dallas has something special.MIKA JAHNKE, #8

In my 5+ years playing for the Elite organization, I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many amazing memories that will stick with me forever. The culture of this organization and the amazing, supportive coaching staff has been a big factor in my returning with every new season. They’ve pushed me and have always had my back throughout my development not only as a player, but as a person. - BRONWYN KHANGSAR, #5

The Dallas Stars Elite program has truly changed my life. Not only does this program teach me the importance of skill development, but it also teaches you to be a good teammate and come together as a family. I have played in other programs that just don’t have the dedication that these coaches and players have. I couldn’t be happier to finish my youth hockey career with this program.KAITLIN FINNEGAN, #9

I have played under the Dallas Stars Elite program for 5 years, attending consecutive nationals and winning a high school national championship. I have decided to not play hockey in college, yet I am so grateful for the amazing coaching staff and years of experience. The coaches have motivated me to work harder and encourage me to set goals. I have learned accountability, leadership, social and work ethic skills that are extremely beneficial to my future. - NAYA PENN, #13

I joined DSE when I was 12 years old. Starting on the 14u Tier 1 team, I’ve seen the program grow immensely. I am currently 16 and on the 19u Tier 1 team.  Playing for DSE over the years, Dallas has prepared me for the next level with the opportunities it offers. We aren’t competing with other teams for ice and we end up on the ice at least 5 days a week, which is a lot more than girls up North. We have games every weekend against boys teams that keep us on our feet and prepare us for our tournaments against girls. Not only do we basically have unlimited ice, drylands and great coaches, but our team is built around a unique culture that I’m so lucky to be apart of. We attend some of the best scouted tournaments and with almost everyone committed either Division 1, Division 2 or playing club at amazing universities, our coaches have provided us with the best opportunities to succeed. Freshman year, I committed to play Division 1 hockey at Providence College and everyday being part of DSE I am pushed to be ready for the next level. - LILY MARTINSON, #6